Looking Beyond The Headlines After Yankees Beat Detroit


As the Yankees continue to hang on to play off hopes by a thread, their exciting walk off win against the Tigers tonight 5 – 4 offered up more intrigue beyond the obvious excitement of the final score against one of their fiercest rivals.

Mariano Rivera gave up an unprecedented third blown save, and although coach Joe Girardi and fans may be inwardly concerned, one can’t see any possibility that there would be a change of closer during the regular season, unless he continues to struggle and it comes down to the wire. The possibility of play off baseball weighs far higher than sentiment.

After a mixed reception from Yankees fans on his return, Alex Rodriguez turned boo’s into cheers as he hit a home run and drove in two runs. Who says baseball fans are fickle? Maybe they see A-Rod’s inclusion in the team whilst he appeals the suspension by MLB’s drug enforcement agency as a vital cog in any possibility of play off baseball.

Not only was Brett Gardner’s first ever walk off home run a complete surprise, but did anyone notice who he passed his helmet to before the inevitable home plate celebrations…..? A-Rod ! If anyone told me the 3rd baseman had lost support from the locker room then Gardner’s small gesture of inclusion said more than any words could express.


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